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Who are we?

“The times they are a changin.” The US is in interesting times, with prosperity and growth in the economy, advancements in technology, an interesting political environment and for some states, the legalization of cannabis for adult recreational consumption. Markets like California, Washington State and Nevada have liberalized their views on the plant and are experiencing multi-billion dollar growth as one of the many benefits of the shift toward decriminalization, medicinal access and recreational access to cannabis.

Local markets are becoming uber-competitive in the race for market share as products and retail stores compete to draw in customers. Most large marketing technology platforms must abide by the federal guidelines for localized advertising, prohibiting the advertisement of cannabis. This leaves thriving businesses with few options for engaging their local adult market online. Safe-Reach.com was created as a compliant, scalable and profitable solution for publishers and marketers to participate in and benefit from this aggressively growing industry.

The Overview:

Our goal was to create a solution for publishers and advertisers in legal markets that allow:

  1. Publishers to accept and monetize compliant ads from advertisers.
  2. Advertisers and agencies to access available inventory just like they would for other clients who engage in programmatic ad buying today.

Sites or apps integrate our lightweight mobile SDK, API or JavaScript tag within their property and allow our advertisers to bid on their site traffic against their adult users. With the demand increasing for this type of service, our buyers are willing to pay an increased premium for these geo-targeted ad placements which aid their customer acquisition efforts, while increasing yield for our participating publisher partners.



Given the current controversy around privacy within the digital economy, we wanted to be able to address the concerns of our publishers, advertisers and administrative bodies. We ensure that only the right people get the right ads at the right time.



All of our advertisements will only be served to consumers 21+ within legalized markets. We use site filters and onboarded audience data to ensure we know exactly who’s getting the ad!


All creative will be built and aligned with local, state and federal advertising regulations. Utilizing a strong call to action and local market relevance will allow us to broadcast the full value of the advertiser on every campaign.

Join Our Network:

Real-time reporting and the possibility to expand into additional areas with Safe-Reach leaves us well suited to service the cannabis industry along with media buyers who operate in other verticals. The core principles developed from years of experience in the media and ad tech space have put Safe Reach ahead of the market when it comes to offering security and compliance.

[vc_column_text]Learn More About Safe Reach for Publishers and Advertisers at www.Safe-Reach.com

Email us: Team@safe-reach.com

Safe Reach; 500 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10018

“The times they are a changin” – Bob Dylan[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]