Multi-Location Dispensary Retailer Generates 3x Ad Spend Using Paid Twitter Promotion

Utilizing Twitter's new cannabis policy to maximize ROAS

About the Project

With the acceptance of Twitter taking Cannabis ads, understanding how to effectively and profitably drive sales from Twitter is of peak interest for all dispensary groups in the United States. Safe-Reach worked with their client to create market-specific messages that were aligned with the Twitter creative guidelines to drive measurable sales at the market level, tracking all engagement back to completed reservations in the client’s IHeartJane infrastructure.

The client has adopted Twitter organic content as a part of their strategy expanding on their Instagram strategy helping curate a genuine connection with their audience, using paid media to expand their engagements in a more commercial voice.

Beyond revenue, Twitter’s native reporting allows the dispensary to measure follower growth, retweets and reach (impressions) for all media, creating ancillary metrics outside of revenue to help track the impact of paid media on community growth.

The Strategy

Test different creative messages across brand, lifestyle and promotional content to gauge what drives the best engagement.
  • Use local market demographics to create relevant audiences inside Twitter
  • Create locally relevant creative messages to reach these audiences
  • Track engagement back to follows, retweets, likes, and purchases
  • Measure total revenue against spend

The Results

Twitter is predicated on users being on the app, in this instance we found certain markets within the store’s portfolio had better total user numbers than others

  • Budgets were refined to maximize each market opportunity
  • Creative analysis revealed which messaging drove the best in-app engagement and out-of-app sales
  • SR delivered a 3x ad spend using micro market budgets within the Twitter app for our retail partner

The Reporting

Safe-Reach’s proprietary Nomad Analytics platform is connected with Twitter so that the client can view all digital media investments executed by Safe-Reach in a single UX, updated daily

  • Twitter performance at the market and creative level were provided in addition to aggregate topline numbers
  • ROAS Analysis helps drive where dollars are allocated in 2023 for this partner, clear and discernable reporting helped the executive team scale their investment into Twitter and begin viewing the social media app as a sales channel and a brand communication channel

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