Sweet Flower uses Safe-Reach for Digital Marketing Success

Sweet Flower successfully expanded reach while acquiring new customers and increasing LTV with Safe-Reach

About the Project

Sweet Flower, one of the longest serving dispensary groups in the hyper competitive Los Angeles market; chose to partner with Safe-Reach to help power customer acquisition and digital remarketing initiatives.

Combining digital reach on premium apps and sites with detailed attribution analytics, Sweet Flower leveraged Safe-Reach’s NOMAD™ analytics platform to understand how their digital investment impacted their bottom line.

Integrating directly with Sweet Flower’s eCommerce and retail POS system, Safe-Reach is able to link all digital media activity back to a real customer and a real transaction ID to help understand true ROAS.

“Safe-Reach has been a trusted marketing partner for well over a year. Utilizing Nomad has led to keener insights into the effectiveness of marketing initiatives across multiple platforms with greater reporting and visualization down to the sku level."
Tim Dodd
CEO of Sweet Flower

(Reports are not live Sweet Flower data)

Measuring Results

Easy-to-decipher but uber-detailed analytics help Sweet Flower’s marketing and management team dive deeper into how exactly their digital investment was impacting their bottom line. 

Through a single interface, Sweet Flower:

  • Sees how different targeting tactics impact page engagement
  • Understands which creative messages resonate most with unique targeting audiences
  • See which products & brands are being purchased after online ad engagement
  • Compare AOV and LTV of digital influenced customers vs organic shoppers

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