So whaccha whachha wachha want? What chu want?

Full Admission – Not a huge Beastie Boys fan. Grew up on the guitar music of the 90’s (Foo, Queens, 311, Sublime.) Not going to let that stop me from a nicking a line for a self-professed solid blog title. You want to rage – check this Beasties Performance Out

Let’s get to business –

  1. Cannabis is awesome
  2. Cannabis is used by a lot of different people
  3. Cannabis is used for different reasons
  4. Cannabis is used in a variety of ways

If you are selling Cannabis in a competitive market, how do you be everything to everybody?

Truth is – you can’t…. BUT you can work towards that in the pursuit of growing your business.

I want to share some rhetorical questions that we like to run by our partners. These questions help to gauge how well our partners know their customers, and if not, understand our role in helping them.

  • What are the behavioral differences between your site visitors and site buyers?
  • What are the demographic and psychographic differences between frequent buyers and infrequent buyers?
  • What differentiates folks who buy multiple items vs folks who buy a single/lower-cost item?
  • What differentiates the folks who buy flower from those who buy oil or edibles?
  • What days of the week drive the most sales of value items vs high priced items?


As competition heats up it means being cost-effective at customer acquisition and loyalty marketing should be a staple in your evergreen marketing strategy.

Once we begin to understand the answers to the questions above, we can start looking at how you are building in-store, outdoor, and digital campaigns to support the right conversation with the right people for the right products you are selling.

A good partner of ours said something fairly poignant this week to me “The brands are looking for more pro solutions” – functionality is great but the correct application of functionality is the correct way to approach any digital strategy – understanding why we are applying or paying for any type of activity should be paramount in any business decision – this shouldn’t be any different in your marketing strategy.

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