Selling from the hip. #CBD

Shooting from the hip. Selling and branding CBD.

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Safe-Reach focuses in on the cannabis and hemp space. We work with various agencies and brands helping create custom audience segments of known adults and reach them against our network of publishers.

Given the challenges faced by CBD, Cannabis etc advertisers on most major platforms, we have been tasked by a wide array of product and brand manufacturers to help grow audience reach and online sales.

During our conversations we hear a lot of the similar sentiments “Our product is the best” .. “our brand is the best” etc – and while we are never cynical around the accuracy of the statement it does leave the team wondering…who is the best? Who will be the best?

Never afraid to shy away from hypothetical questions, our team has been kicking around the below list of questions when thinking about the short and long term of the CBD market.

Branding – What wins? Is it demographically geared branding? My mom and I could both benefit from the qualities of CBD BUT what speaks to her won’t necessarily speak to me.

Product Nuance – What makes your product different? How do you educate at the point of sale or while influencing the sale?

Medical vs Lifestyle – Away from the requirements to run on Safe-Reach or anywhere with CBD related products – what do customers really want to see?  How does this play against the narrative going on with Cannabis and CBD in the public eye?

What is going to aide the buying process for first-time buyers? At this point, CBD is everywhere and even the most unexpected consumers are inquiring “what is CBD..” How are brands going to leverage content and marketing reach to educate and sell without overselling?

Different strokes for different folks has our team feeling like brands will win certain demographic segments using branding, product delivery, and dosage as key drivers for winning customers.

If you are a CBD brand and want to create segmented audiences and reach them online, reach out to

If you have the answers to the questions in the blog, also feel free to send those to us 🙂