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We apply the best tools and strategies available in Ad-Tech to offer reach and measurable engagement across web, mobile, CTV, and Audio channels for cannabis brands, retailers, and delivery services.

I love cannabis. I have since I was 18 and can’t foresee a world where Cannabis isn’t in my life in one way or another personally or professionally. We started Safe-Reach with a passion for the plant, an enthusiasm for the entrepreneurial spirit of this industry and desire to leverage the 20+ years between our founding partners in ad tech and localized advertising in the Cannabis space.

As Cannabis grows we have seen a rise in advertising solutions that look to navigate the challenging media landscape for cannabis brands. While some of these solutions add real value to brands and advertisers of all scales, there are more than a few options that don’t deliver scaled results.

Will there be a day in the future where a cannabis brand can run Google Ads or Instagram ads like other businesses? Personally – I think it will be a long time– in the meantime brands will need to look elsewhere for solutions-based products, we believe Safe-Reach has the right comprehension of this market, the regulatory landscape and the tools needed to compliantly grow an online presence to support successful e-commerce and retail initiatives.

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