Order Management • Task Management • Attribution & Analytics

Benefit from our Nomad suite of reporting and workflow tools to get insight into how your marketing works

Get All the Features

Access to customized reports that highlight multi-touch attribution

Order Management

Submit and manage orders directly to our team

Attribution & Analytics

Access to customized reports that highlight multi-touch attribution

Task Management

Submit requests directly to our team to stay on top of your business

Order Management

Streamline your order management process with Nomad’s seamless integration with our internal team’s Jira and Slack environments. From order creation to tracking and fulfillment, our intuitive and comprehensive software guarantees smooth operations and heightened productivity.

Customized Reporting

Drive informed decision-making with Nomad’s customizable reporting capabilities. Gain valuable insights into campaign performance, audience behavior, and ROI through personalized dashboards, charts, and graphs. With Nomad, you can easily present data in a way that aligns with your brand and communicates your success effectively.

Modernize Your Workflow

Efficiently manage tasks and projects within your team using Nomad’s powerful task submission and monitoring features. Easily assign, track, and update tasks in real time, ensuring seamless communication and accountability. Stay organized, meet deadlines, and achieve project milestones effortlessly with Nomad’s collaborative task management capabilities.

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