Maximizing Twitter for Brand Engagement: A Guide to Testing Paid Social Media Advertising

Is your brand (non-retail/delivery) considering testing paid Twitter to drive relevant engagement to interested shoppers in their market?

Below is our initial theory on how we are guiding brands to test spending those marketing dollars on Twitter.

1. Build a custom audience of known Cannabis Shoppers in your target markets (a few ways to do this)

2. Use Twitter Ads to run promoted image or video posts of your brand within your market

3. Build an on-brand, educational landing page

4. Retargeting all users who reach the page with branded programmatic ads

Benefits of this model:

1. Fluid spending, low minimums – the ability to test without spending your entire marketing budget on a single channel

2. Putting your brand in the middle of relevant conversations between known Cannabis shoppers in your market

3. Ability to build a retargeting pool to stay in front of active Cannabis shoppers with your brand

4. Ability to use content to differentiate your brand – images, Gifs, video – all fair game!

Ready to get your brand in front of a whole new audience and test how paid social media can drive brand recognition and growth? We’re here to help!

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