HEAR YE! HEAR YE! #CBD #Cannabis #DigitalMarketing

I manage most new business here at Safe-Reach and that means I find myself spending time teaching wellness eCommerce brands the basics of brand identity, storytelling, and funnel building for customer acquisition as opposed to selling them a media product or agency services.

This blog is my stream of consciousness response to living my own telephonic groundhogs day week after week..(A real doozy!) Essentially the below is me blowing off some steam on things everyone starting a CBD or localized cannabis business should be thinking about!

Multi-channel marketing isn’t a sales pitch – it’s a perspective on how to merge your earned, paid, and organic digital reach into cost-effective sales.

Try putting yourselves in the consumer shoes – why would I buy this? Do I have other competitors offering similar value propositions as me? What will make 50+ people a day stop what they are doing and click my ad to buy my product – especially outside of social media channels? How do I stay in front of my relevant consumers so to convert them? What the heck is ad frequency?

I sometimes am a bit more curt than I would like to be, I like to point to my “jersey-ness” coming through in these conversations, I’m really thinking “you are thinking about this incorrectly as it relates to your short term resources and your long term goals.”

Do programs exist where you can spend a few thousand dollars and generate 5-10x? Sure they do. These programs are effective when the brand has

  1. an identity,
  2. an airtight eCommerce experience and
  3. a steady flow of traffic that has established a baseline of success and has validated strategies that work vs don’t work

I find many new CBD brands that want to leverage paid media to drive new users and conversions. While I appreciate the ambition, for any brand looking to supercharge sales, there are a few things I find myself pitching to these newer brands to help drive a cost-controlled growth strategy.

  1. What is your conversion rate today?
  2. How much traffic are you getting today?
  3. How are you getting that traffic?
  4. Are you re-engaging abandoners? If so, how?

Before spending thousands of dollars on new traffic, start with selling the traffic you do have. These are people who are finding you and spending time on your site, much cheaper to convert these folks (particularly consumers who move beyond a landing page) than to pay to reach new ones. Retargeting or Remarketing isn’t a super sexy ad product BUT it’s a great way for lower budget brands to leverage digital to drive sales rather quickly.

The fundamental question brands need to start asking is, “why should anyone care?” NEW CBD BRANDS! HEAR THIS! EVERYONE HAS ORGANIC – FULL SPECTRUM – HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS – HOW ARE YOU DIFFERENT?!

  1. Do you have a story or a mission? Is that easily discovered on your page? Think iCharlotte – they come for the story and stay for the product.
  2. Pricing is all over the place in the market – you can find CBD products from < $10 into hundreds of dollars for comparable size servings. Are you selling price?
  3. CBD is a commoditized product – how are you selling to fit economically and emotionally into your ideal customer’s life?
  5. Are you generating content that will make your site more discoverable and drive people to your page from social channels?

We want to work with every brand possible – but more than that we want you to be successful when working with Safe-Reach or any paid media channel. Until Google and Facebook loosen their restrictions, we will be out here preaching the things we believe help drive success.

Got questions? Want to Debate? Something I am missing? Comment or email Adam@safe-reach.com