About Safe Reach

What is Safe Reach Digital?

SSP solution for publishers who wish to monetize their site traffic.

Full service media buying group or self service Demand Side Platform

We help publishers make more revenue and we help our advertisers generate new customers.

What niches or specialty industries do you focus on?

Safe Reach was founded with the intent to service the adult legal cannabis Industry. Given the high demand for marketing within the uber competitive legal cannabis world and a lack of scalable ad solutions we aimed to create our own ecosystem where publishers and advertisers who wish to participate in this growing industry could do so in full compliance with federal, state and local laws.

How do you work with publisher Partners?

Publishers integrate our API, JS Tag or SDK into their website or mobile app which allows them to sell their ad inventory in our supply network.

Integration is easy and can work alongside your current monetization strategies. 

Do you work with App Developers and Websites?

BOTH! If you’re generating traffic on your content and wish to monetize it or increase your yield you should speak with our team!

Are you an ad agency?

Yes! We’re a full service media strategy and buying team that leverages our publisher network, helping place your ads on the right sites to the right future customers.

What types of sites will my ads be served on?

We work with a host of publisher partners from general news, entertainment, mobile apps, cannabis centric sites and even some adult sites. Your Safe Reach marketing team will work with you to understand your goals and brand safety considerations to make sure you’re only serving on sites that align with your vision for your business.

How User Friendly is your technology?

Incredibly so – our team is a collection of business strategists, marketers and thought leaders. Our focus is an easy to use solution that is scalable for our publishers and advertisers so they can integrate modern best practices and technologies in an uber easy to use fashion.

Why should I integrate you with my existing monetization strategy and supply partners?

Our view is that due to limited supply in this speciality market against its massive demand, we’re going to be able to offer an increased eCPM for all media served on your site or app – effectively increasing yield. Additionally we offer favorable revenue arrangements so you can keep a bigger piece of a bigger pie.

What types of content do you work with?

We are interested in helping all businesses increase their customer base, our focus is brands and companies operating in the legal adult cannabis business. Our team is rooted in local market digital customer acquisition and has experience in dealing with every major vertical on a local, regional, state and national level. We take the strategies used by major brands today and enact them in this exciting emerging market.

About Compliance

How do you manage against Privacy and content laws?

Privacy and serving only to adults is a major part of our business. All of our creative content for campaigns is audited to be in line with local regulation. Additionally we use People Based Marketing  – an individual audience based approach to media buying to ensure only adults who have opted in to our advertising partner network receive your advertising content.

How are we going to market to only 21+?

We have a partnership with a first party mobile data company that links mobile device data to offline data at the individual level. This allows us to link a device to a known person. In simple language – we know who people are and target only the legal consumer adults in our target market – this helps ensure the ads go to a legal and relevant audience, not to anyone who shouldn’t be receiving your content!

How to navigate a medically legal market but recreationally illegal market?

Our focus is the recreational market – the reality is “medical” in terms of broader advertising laws is a very fine line, additionally the nuance between medical laws in varying states is very broad. By focusing in recreational markets at this time we can focus on delivering great results and not parsing finely worded legal language for a few extra campaigns!

Will ads include graphic images of people consuming Cannabis?

No! In most cases advertising laws for content are fairly strict. Most states do not allow images of the plant being consumed by humans or fictional characters. Our focus is hyper local and the majority of our creative is focused on branding and locale. Speak with our team to look at our creative look book.