California Dispensary converts more visitors with measurable retargeting with Safe-Reach

A single-rooftop dispensary wanted to deploy a low-cost, high-impact ad campaign to maximize ROI from their online Dutchie menu

The Reporting

The integration of the client with Safe-Reach’s proprietary Nomad stack enabled the following:

  • Transaction ID, revenue, and product purchase data associated to the conversion
  • Understand which ads and tactics drove conversions
  • Understand the time decay from ad exposure to conversion – working to lower the delta from exposure/engagement to conversion through creative refinement
  • Easily expressed the value of digital and its ability to generate incremental revenue through concise & shareable reporting

The Results

The client was able to understand which ads and formats drove the most impact for immediate conversion. We refined the messaging in order to increase the efficiency of every dollar invested into advertising.

  • Overall increase in total conversion from page visitors
  • 3x ROAS with minimal investment by focusing on consumers with the highest propensity to convert

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