Arbors Wellness & Herbana maximize ROAS on programmatic ads with comprehensive attribution with Safe-Reach

Safe-Reach’s cookie-less attribution enables online and in store attribution analytics

"Safe Reach has been our best marketing partner. We have tried a few others, and they all fell short, compared to Safe Reach. Their reporting actually works and the team knows the nuances of programmatic digital advertising and best practices for attribution. The team is one of the most responsive groups, to any of our challenges we seek to overcome. We see great ROI on our investment.

Going elsewhere is a waste of time and money."
Ryan Cook
Arbors Wellness

Project Overview

Arbors Wellness has the same digital marketing problems that all cannabis companies face: a shortage of platforms and a shortage of measurable results.

Working with Safe-Reach, Arbors and Safe-Reach integrated their Dutchie eCommerce terminal and their Cova POS terminal to Safe-Reach’s attribution solutions – enabling true customer acquisition, purchase, and order value analysis.


Arbor’s Wellness wanted to increase the efficiency of their programmatic ad spend, while also determining the effectiveness of bringing customers into their physical stores. 

Their traditional strategies were limited in the attribution capabilities, since they could only measure online conversions attributed to media via ecommerce sales. Evaluating performance holistically across ecommerce and in-store retail transactions presented significant obstacles.


Safe-Reach was able to implement a solution to help Arbors Wellness & Herbana measure the effectiveness of their media investment in totality. By deploying LiveRamp’s persistent ID measurement solution across their website and programmatic media strategies, Safe-Reach was able to improve overall attribution to media spend and show a more complete picture of ROAS.

Cova P.O.S. Integration

By securely analyzing the POS data from Arbor’s & Herbana’s POS system – COVA – Safe-Reach was able to attribute transactions fulfilled in store to individual media impressions delivered during the campaign flight!

Safe-Reach showed over 40% improvement across both sales and revenue attribution when compared to standard cookie-based measurement.

The Results

Comparing Cookie-Based Attribution with
Cookie-less Attribution

Topline Metrics

14-Day attribution window


Completed online reservations


In-store retail transactions

Standard Cookie-Based

(Native DSP Reporting)







Deterministic IDs

(LiveRamp RampIDs)






Increased attributed revenue vs cookie-based attribution


Increase in sales vs cookie-based attribution

As devices and browsers move away from supporting cookie tracking, your marketing efforts will get harder to track. Working with Safe-Reach, Arbors Wellness is able to increase their ability to track marketing spends back to online and in store sales. 

Better data means better decisions, better decisions means more efficient growth.

Future Proofed, Privacy Compliant Marketing Attribution

Working with best in class “cookie-less measurement solutions” Safe-Reach is able to track user engagement from online marketing activities back to both online reservations and in store sales. As more browsers and devices stop supporting cookies, maintaining attribution is paramount for marketing teams looking to allocate marketing resources in hyper competitive markets.

Painting the full picture of consumers impacted by media online and in store helps show the entire picture on marketing attribution and not only one piece.

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